Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Step At A Time

Wow! So I didn't realize that my last blog post was way back in April.   Time sure flies!  With finals, moving back home for the summer, getting a job... So I've had barely anytime and the little I have had, I've either spent sleeping or in my new obsession, Pinterest.  But I have one friend who's mentioned several times that I haven't posted anything, so now that I have time I decided, why not?

Anyways my summer has lately consisted of babysitting--my new job.  It's fun and the kid's are amazing, but it definitely wears you out.  I think I finally understand why moms get so tired lol.  On top of that my goals this summer consist of recording at least one of my original songs, organizing my room, and buying a car by the end of the summer.

One thing. If you ever want to complete a goal such as "cleaning your room" you have to be specific.  I completely unpacked all my college junk and such and have found spots for everything but that doesn't mean my goal is complete, in fact it technically can go on forever.  So as a way to know I've completed at least the minimum, I added specific requirements such as: donate at least 2 boxes of clothes and get rid old desktop computer.  This way I have a specific goal that is actually attainable and as soon as I'm done with that I can add another goal to my list, if time permits ;)

Summer is probably one of the hardest seasons for most people, especially students, mostly because we're always used to being super busy and constantly seeing people.  So this summer on top of earning money for my car, I've been trying to dedicate time into developing friendships in my hometown and helping out with my church's youth band (I've even started learning how to play drums.)  Doing all of this has helped me find some purpose to the summer, cause it can sometimes get depressing or boring.  And through it all God has been blessing me more and more.  I started working my second week back from school and just a week ago started to teach private dance lessons.  So my plate's been plenty full.  Hopefully I'll get to post some more, and a little more frequently, but it's getting late-ish, and I need to go to bed soon if I want energy for tomorrow's babysitting. lol