Saturday, July 23, 2011

Morning Milkshake

Hey!    It's summer time and fruits are definitely sound good with all that sunshine going around.    So here's a recipe for what my family calls "licuado de platano"  in English, banana milkshake. 

-   eggs
-   milk
-   bananas!
-   protein powder, vanilla, sugar (opt)

So to make this delicious milkshake you need a blender.   Then you just pile up all the ingredients in, no order in particular.  The measurements vary from time to time for me lol  More milk for more cups, more eggs for more fluffiness, more bananas for more flavor, sugar and vanilla if you don't think it's sweet enough, etc.  Though if you don't want to much milkshake I'd recommend about one cup of milk.   If you don't like bananas or want a different flavor feel free to switch up the fruits.  You can do strawberry, apple, cantaloupe, anything!  (Note: The older the bananas = the sweeter)  You can even add some Nesquik chocolate if you want chocolate flavor.   When you're done adding the ingredients just blend it up and ENJOY!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Psalms 20:4 & Jeremiah 29:11

"May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed."
Psalms 20:4

Wow, now I've really been gone for forever.  Not really, but from the blogging world, yes.  Mostly because we lost the network code for the wifi access at my home and all my pics are on my laptop. lol

Anyways on top of that I was practically gone all June.  I got to go to Disneyland (for the very first time ever!), and after one week at home I went to two Bible camps back to back.  On top of all of this I finally got a job.  It doesn't pay a lot, but it is definitely life-changing.   I'm serving at my home church as the youth intern. Meaning I help in the church office, accompany the students to all their events and camps, and serve as well on Sunday mornings with the middle-schoolers.  I LOVE MY JOB!  Not only do I get to be involved in the lives of our students, but I've gotten to grow so much in my own faith, and connect with the other church leaders.  
Another thing, my music is finally starting to take off.  While I was at the MS camp as a counselor I got to use some of my original compositions as a ministry, and when I went to AWANA camp the week after I got to share my music with fellow campers, and just last Friday I got to record the piano for 3 of my songs :)  God's definitely granting me the desire of my heart.

Lastly, God definitely rerouted my life, once again.  I had finally gotten to a point where I felt I knew where life was headed and had kind of stopped looking to God for guidance.   So he threw a curve ball in my path.  As usual.   The AWANA camp theme this year was "In God We Trust."  He was sure trying to tell me something.  So anyways God finally saw this as the suited time to bring romance in my life. After my commitment last summer to not date anyone for my first year of college so I could focus on Him and school, He decided now was the appropriate time.   Never in my life had I ever gone out with a guy and I had given up on the whole dating game, thanks to Joshua Harris ;)  However now I'm entering a new phase in life, where through God's guidance and direction I've decided to enter into a relationship with one of my good guyfriends I met at AWANA camp 7 years ago.  Though I must admit I was very nervous at first and wasn't sure how to react, this brought me back to the reality that we must learn to Trust God!  Since my guyfriend asked me out, I've been faithfully diving into God's Word and asking advice from Godly mentors, trying to hear God's decision on the matter.   And since last Tuesday after he met my family, he officially become my first boyfriend ever. 

I must say, few years ago I never thought I would be anywhere close to where I am in life right now.  God's blessings have just been raining down on me.  Trusting God is definitely not an easy task, but one well worth it.  

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11