Sunday, September 25, 2011

We All Have Our Moments

So we all have these moments in life... I like to call them moments of weakness. I have these all the time, but it's usually not a smart idea to take any action during these times.  Well I did... hehe  After growing out my hair for 7 months, meaning no hair-cuts, I grabbed the scissors and finally cut my bangs, they were bugging me sooo bad and my hair really needed to be styled differently.  Thankfully I don't regret cutting my bangs I think they look pretty cute.

So I've cut my bangs before but I decided to do it differently this time.  I chose to not make them so wide and thick and leave the ends a little longer and then the rest of the hair at it's original length. I think this way it's shapes my face better, cause it doesn't make my face look as wide, and I don't look like Dora The Explorer lol :)

Well anyways, lately I've been really wanting the weather to become colder and less summer-like, (it was in the 90's yesterday).  It's almost October and I really wouldn't mind snuggling in blankets and scarves with a hot cup of tea (or coffee), listening to some relaxing music, just enjoying the cool fall, but so far not yet. lol  Well I hope everyone else is enjoying their first few days of fall.  God Bless You All!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Making Your Side Vegetable into Your Main Meal

I think there's probably nothing more depressing than seeing your food go rotten.  It was happening all last week, first my bread, then my tomatoes and cucumbers.  Why? Honestly, cause on my own I don't eat have as much and don't go through all the food in a week.  So I realized that what I needed to learn was not how to cook with different ingredients but how to make different meals with the same ingredients. 

One of my favorite vegetables to eat is cactus, aka nopalez.  However when I cooked them I realized that it would take me at least a week to finish them on my own, the way I usually eat them, so I asked my friend, Kee, if she wanted to join me for dinner ;)   Thanks to her I now know how to make my cactus the main part of my meal.  Rather than cook them with onions and put them on the side, I can turn them into a cactus salad by adding lemon juice, pepper, and salt.  Immediately I could finish 1-2 big bowls of this no problem.  Helps when I don't have a lot of meat or have to eat a lot of vegetables before they go bad.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cooking Tips for College-Students

So during these past few weeks I've done everything from cook my own veggies and meat, to being smart and buying tons of Pasta-Roni boxes on discount at the Safeway back home ;)  I must say cooking on your own can be quite convenient but also a pain.  Like when I run out of milk. I can no longer cook oatmeal, eat cereal, etc.  Or when all the pots and pans are in the sink, and you can't wash them cause the dish rack is completely full, bleh. but other than that it's pretty good.

Every once in a while I like to make the joke that I gonna become a vegetarian. Which will never happen, however sometimes I have to opt out of eating meat cause I completely forget to defrost the meat beforehand :(  but thankfully with plenty of carbs and vegetables, it's not too noticeable.

1. Freeze Your Meat.  So I noticed for me, it's a lot cheaper if I buy several separate bags of meat already marinated and cut.  I like to buy them in packages of one pound. My favorite so far is the "Al Pastor Chicken," I get at the Mexican store.  All I have to do is defrost it, then throw it in the skillet and cook till it's well done.

2. Defrost Your Meat and Bagels Beforehand. So I have learned that the best way to keep my food from going bad is by freezing it, however it's always important to have some bread and meat defrosted so when you're hungry you have something you can actually cook. lol

3. Cook Ahead of Time.  I honestly prefer to cook the night before than the day of. Why?  Well I'm usually in classes all morning, and by the time I get back I'm starving.   If I wait till I'm out of classes then I won't have anything to eat for an hour or more after I'm done. Thus I'll cook beforehand and then just pop in the microwave when I'm ready to eat.

Good luck cooking, more meals and tips to Come!