Sunday, September 25, 2011

We All Have Our Moments

So we all have these moments in life... I like to call them moments of weakness. I have these all the time, but it's usually not a smart idea to take any action during these times.  Well I did... hehe  After growing out my hair for 7 months, meaning no hair-cuts, I grabbed the scissors and finally cut my bangs, they were bugging me sooo bad and my hair really needed to be styled differently.  Thankfully I don't regret cutting my bangs I think they look pretty cute.

So I've cut my bangs before but I decided to do it differently this time.  I chose to not make them so wide and thick and leave the ends a little longer and then the rest of the hair at it's original length. I think this way it's shapes my face better, cause it doesn't make my face look as wide, and I don't look like Dora The Explorer lol :)

Well anyways, lately I've been really wanting the weather to become colder and less summer-like, (it was in the 90's yesterday).  It's almost October and I really wouldn't mind snuggling in blankets and scarves with a hot cup of tea (or coffee), listening to some relaxing music, just enjoying the cool fall, but so far not yet. lol  Well I hope everyone else is enjoying their first few days of fall.  God Bless You All!

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  1. well my pretty little always has to try something (how should I say?) different, and she still looks wonderful.