Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Model for the Day - Kayla

So my featured guest today is Kayla, my bestie.  She is one of the funnest and most real people I know.  Her simple, yet cute outfit today truly reflected her inner beauty and shined among the crowds.

Boots, Skinny Jeans, Blouse, Cardigan, Belt, Necklace

These boots are absolutely beautiful! They're sturdy yet really dressy. 

Kayla's jewelry was not too complex yet it went so well. 
Of course, the saying does go "Less Is More!"

Wearing the necklace and earings adds sparkle to the outfit.  Then the white belt accentuates Kayla's waist and ties in the outfit by bringing in a little more life.  :) 
PS. If you hadn't noticed, her cardigan also has pockets, great for caring random items. 


Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Hairstyles For A Pixie Haircut - 2

So this is another hairstyle I've found possible with my pixie cut. 

I simply put gel on the front and combed it foward like I was gonna spike it, then I pushed the little spike down, giving it a bit of a poof to the front.   Not too much different from the original style, except the way the bangs are styled.  This definately the way to style it if you're going for a more edgy look.

Zote - The SUPER soap

So have you ever gotten a stain that you thought you would never be able to get rid of?  Well I thought I did.  A few nights ago I was gonna take off some of my eye-makeup with some baby oil (my makeup remover) when I accidentally lost grip of the bottle and it poured oil all over the countertop, the floor, my laptop :/ and my sweater and dress.  So obviously I only had one choice, to wash out the stain... which when it's oil like never really works, so as soon as I finished getting the baby oil off my computer I ran and got this awesome soap called ZOTE from my cabinet. By now the stains had kind of started drying... and I feared they would not come, however to my surprise, THE ENTIRE STAIN CAME OUT!!  Man, I kind of thought of taking before and after pictures but I was so worried it wouldn't.  So if there's anything you need to wash well, this soap works! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rachel Bishop

Rachel Bishop (aka Rachel Parrish) has some of the most beautiful music I have heard.  She is also a big inspiration in my life.  We actually go to the same school.  It's funny though cause since I first saw her in choir, I thought I've got to know this girl. 

Luckily we happened to be in the same NSO (new student orientation) group, and I have gotten to know her personally.  Not only does she have an awesome fashion sense, a fun personality, a radiating love for God and is beautiful but she's also an excellent songwriter and has a unique voice that sounds so pretty!   I then found out later that she has music on iTunes!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hairstyles for a Pixie Haircut

So in January, I  just decided one day that I was gonna cut my hair super short, a pixie cut!  Random?  Yeah, I guess.  One of my friends at school had the cutest haircut, and it made me really really really wish I could pull it off too, I didn't think I could.  But I couldn't help it I really wanted to try.  So one night I told my mom I wanted to cut my hair short.  She thought I meant shoulder length lol.  Big surprise when I showed her pictures of the haircut I wanted.   Well now that it's short there aren't as many options of hairstyles but I've found a few I'd like to share with you.

This is prolly the easiest hairstyle.  All I did to get this look was wet my hair, gel it, and comb all the hair down and my bangs to one side, then put a small hair clip to add a little girly-ness to the style.   When I was done I put a lot of hairspray to keep it from moving and my rebellious short hairs in the back from sticking straight UP!

This morning, when I woke up my hair as usual was sticking up and doing crazy things, but it kind of looked good. so when I showered I decided not to wet my hair, which was easy since it's so short. lol  Then I put gel to style it exactly the way I wanted, and hairsprayed it to keep it where I wanted.  [Note: I did not spike my bangs, cause I don't like the way it looks on me, but you could try]  With a style like this it's okay if it's not perfect, cause it looks intentionally messy :)

Front View
Side/Back View

What to do with all those magazines??

So as a female college student, I have most definately gotten my fair share of reading magazines.  They got cute outfits, tips on how to style your hair, do your make-up, how to be healthier, workout routines, fun quotes, and items I eventually need to buy. lol  Of course after reading several magazines I forgot which one it was in, and honestly how many times will you go searching through all of them for that one outfit you had to try.  Well my bestie came up with this GREAT idea!  Why not cut out all the articles and outfits you like and put them into a notebook.  We like to call it our "inspiration notebook".   It's really simple to make.:

1.  Buy a composition notebook, glue-sticks, and tape

2.  Read, read, read, and cut out your favorite things from your magazines

3.  Glue them into your book however you like

4.  Don't forget to decorate your cover!   (I like to use the tape for this part)

*You can also cut out cute patterns and such to add more color to the notebook.  gel pens and highlighters are also fun to use for writing in things in random parts of your book.

Now whenever you need a little inspiration just go check out booklet ;)  Have fun!!

The Katinas

Album Cover of their CD "Still"

Have you ever heard of The Katinas???  Well if you haven't you definately should check them out!  This 5 person group is made of 5 Simoan brothers who are impacting people through their music.  They were selling their music last week after chapel (they got to lead worship on Wednesday), and they definately rock.  They have beautiful voices and good music.  My favorite song so far is "Praying For You" which they performed live for us.  <3  It's also on this CD.  Go Check Them Out!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Applying Mascara

It's crazy how many videos and articles you can find on how to apply eyeliner or eyeshadow and yet I have never found something to show me how to apply mascara.  It's really simple to learn, however many girls tend to end up with lumpy mascara that still makes their lashes look longer but not their best.

The best trick to getting rid of lumpy mascara is to first of all make sure it's not too old [less than 3 months].  Second, if your mascara looks a little lumpy run it under hot water or leave in a tiny shot glass of hot water for a few minutes.  [NOTE: do not put water in your mascara, put your mascara in water.  ]  Doing so will liquify the mascara making it easier to apply and look much better. 

Curling your eyelashes will also make a big difference.  Some people don't like to curl their eyelashes cause it supposedly damages the eyelashes.  I honestly don't know, but I do know that when I curl them and then apply mascara, my eyes tend to pop more.   There are several ways to curl your lashes, the most common being using a eyelash curler, though some people (like my mom) use a small spoon. 

One tip I learned to help your lashes curl better is to apply a little bit of baby oil right before.  This will make your eyelashes softer and more adaptable to the changing shape.

Whether you choose to curl your lashes first then apply mascara or apply mascara then curl them or even curl them apply mascara re-curl and apply mascara one last time, it is extremely important to not let the mascara get clumpy.   Personally I believe the best trick to making the mascara pop even more is simply by wearing eyeliner, however if I don't want the eyeliner to be very visible a thin line of liquid eyeliner would probably be the best approach.   But if you do your mascara well, you may not even need liner.

Grace Immersion by Rene Schlaepfer

Rene Schlaepfer
Ever feel completely exhausted by religion?  That no matter what you do you're never good enough.  This is because we usually forget that we are saved by grace and turn it into a legalistic lifestyle. 

This week in chapel we had Rene Schlaepfer come in and be our chapel speaker.  His focus was on God's grace, not on the works of Christianity.  "do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!"  Galatians 2:21 

After chapel his family and him had a table set up where they were selling and handing out free copies of his book "Grace Immersion."  It's separated into a 50-day reading, to help you "plunge into God's amazing grace!"

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

So once again I have found another really good book.  It's Joshua Harris' "I Kissed Dating Goodbye."

Just like last time's book, this title could be misleading.  This book is not about swearing off dating or even that dating is wrong, rather how to date correctly.   It refers back to what many people call "courtship."  It's about commitment more than just not dating.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, this is an excellent book on God's view of romantic relationships.  I would definately recommend this book.  It's one of my favorite books.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Music Career

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights..."  James 1:17

WOW! Is God good?  Recently I have been blessed so much.   I got a part-time job as a personal secretary for my friend's music ministry, on top of that I get to sing back-up vocals for my friend at a coffee shop tomorrow evening!  Awesome.  And last of all, I auditioned for a play our school is going to run this semester and got the lead role!!!   I just feel sooo blessed and thankful for all of this.  Though I may still be young and not very far into my schooling, God is already preparing my wings to fly into this career.   Praise be to Him! :)

"Don't let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity"   1 Timothy 4:12

Continuing with what 1 Timothy says, yesterday for Valentines Day (aka Single's Awareness Day lol)  I decided to listen to God instead of society.   Most people treat this as a day to share their love and appreciation to their partner, and for single people to kind of hope for something better or feel bummed.  However during my Spiritual Formation Group, we all were told to take some time and pray, that's when I heard God tell me to take that day to go out of my way to love people.  Not just ones that are my friends or nice people, but those I envy, hold grudges against, or have been hurt by.  Must say doing so definately affected my look on life and towards others.   However you can do this anyday. ;)

God Bless

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dance is the Bomb

So Chapel rocked on Wednesday!  Why?  Well we had some random band come in and get the college students dancin'.  This awesome group played soul/gospel and even some salsa music at the end.  The best music chapel so far.  Dancing can definately be worship,  I mean David danced naked for God. lol

Well anyhow, this entire week I've been dying to go dancing.  So to satisfy this thirst, I went onto Pandora and found an excellent selection of dance music.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


So I don't know what happened to the weather, but it is SUNNY!   And I must say by far, sunshine is one of my favorite things in life!   As much as I love to wear leggings, scarves, hats, and cute jackets, sunshine makes me happy.   You can rock shorts, skirts, summery dresses, shades, and soak up the sun.  

Springtime gets the best weather and it feels like a miracle to be receiving such amazing weather in February.   My ultimate favorite things for this type of weather are getting a smoothie or eating ice cream, reading a good book, laying on the grass or sitting under a tree, carrying a cute purse for spontaneous adventures, a cell phone to contact your friends, and wearing super comfortable sandals! they make any outfit fun and summery.   I also absolutely enjoy bike riding, unfortunately my girlfriends' bikes both have popped tires.... though riding a car with the windows down is pretty bomb too. ;)