Saturday, February 26, 2011

What to do with all those magazines??

So as a female college student, I have most definately gotten my fair share of reading magazines.  They got cute outfits, tips on how to style your hair, do your make-up, how to be healthier, workout routines, fun quotes, and items I eventually need to buy. lol  Of course after reading several magazines I forgot which one it was in, and honestly how many times will you go searching through all of them for that one outfit you had to try.  Well my bestie came up with this GREAT idea!  Why not cut out all the articles and outfits you like and put them into a notebook.  We like to call it our "inspiration notebook".   It's really simple to make.:

1.  Buy a composition notebook, glue-sticks, and tape

2.  Read, read, read, and cut out your favorite things from your magazines

3.  Glue them into your book however you like

4.  Don't forget to decorate your cover!   (I like to use the tape for this part)

*You can also cut out cute patterns and such to add more color to the notebook.  gel pens and highlighters are also fun to use for writing in things in random parts of your book.

Now whenever you need a little inspiration just go check out booklet ;)  Have fun!!

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