Monday, February 28, 2011

Zote - The SUPER soap

So have you ever gotten a stain that you thought you would never be able to get rid of?  Well I thought I did.  A few nights ago I was gonna take off some of my eye-makeup with some baby oil (my makeup remover) when I accidentally lost grip of the bottle and it poured oil all over the countertop, the floor, my laptop :/ and my sweater and dress.  So obviously I only had one choice, to wash out the stain... which when it's oil like never really works, so as soon as I finished getting the baby oil off my computer I ran and got this awesome soap called ZOTE from my cabinet. By now the stains had kind of started drying... and I feared they would not come, however to my surprise, THE ENTIRE STAIN CAME OUT!!  Man, I kind of thought of taking before and after pictures but I was so worried it wouldn't.  So if there's anything you need to wash well, this soap works! 

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