Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stop Wishing, Start Doing

So it's impossible to tell the entire story of my summer so far cause so much has happened! But as August closes in I realize it's almost time to head back to college, thus I guess I should update you on as much as possible.   These past months I've really focused on actually completing my summer goals this year, than just hoping they'd be accomplished.  One of the biggest ones has been making my bedroom a room I love!  Organized, pretty, one that expresses me.

This has been a difficult process as I've collected lots of clutter while away at college, and when I add it to my room back home... ah, disaster!  So I've been slowly getting rid of things and stealing ideas from pinterest. ;)  It's definitely a miracle worker.  I've made my own ways to store my jewelry.  Such as using soda bottles to store my bracelets and a tie hanger for hanging my necklaces.  I've even learned how to make candles. heehee  I stole the wick from a really ugly smelling candle and used the left-over wax from my former fave candle to create a new candle.

On top of all this, I bought a dresser from a neighbor across the street for $5.  It's not the best, but with some sanding down and a new paint job, I think it will create a beautiful addition to my room :)  It's got really pretty knobs.

Well my amazingly wise older brother told me a really good way to know what to keep and not to.  I have a really difficult time especially when it comes to clothes or things I had as a kid.   Almost everyone's heard of a "To Do" list.  It's a list where you write down all the things you need to do whether it's a homework assignment, a favor, a long term goal, etc.  But not as many people have heard about the "To Be" list.  It's where you write down who or how'd you like to be: honest, organized, responsible, reliable, fit, professional, etc.  This is especially important to the idea of a To Do list.  With a To Be list you can determine what on your To Do list are things that are important to you.  If you want to be responsible finishing that homework assignment would be something important to you, if you want to be dependable or reliable, helping out your friend like you promised you would suddenly becomes a priority.  Same thing comes to the things you keep in your room.  Your bedroom is a metaphor for yourself and represents who you are to others.  When deciding what to keep or not think about whether it lines up with your goals on who you want to be.

Well I'll post again later.

Continue enjoying your summer!