Saturday, July 23, 2011

Morning Milkshake

Hey!    It's summer time and fruits are definitely sound good with all that sunshine going around.    So here's a recipe for what my family calls "licuado de platano"  in English, banana milkshake. 

-   eggs
-   milk
-   bananas!
-   protein powder, vanilla, sugar (opt)

So to make this delicious milkshake you need a blender.   Then you just pile up all the ingredients in, no order in particular.  The measurements vary from time to time for me lol  More milk for more cups, more eggs for more fluffiness, more bananas for more flavor, sugar and vanilla if you don't think it's sweet enough, etc.  Though if you don't want to much milkshake I'd recommend about one cup of milk.   If you don't like bananas or want a different flavor feel free to switch up the fruits.  You can do strawberry, apple, cantaloupe, anything!  (Note: The older the bananas = the sweeter)  You can even add some Nesquik chocolate if you want chocolate flavor.   When you're done adding the ingredients just blend it up and ENJOY!

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