Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Life of an English Major....

So as I mentioned the semester before I switched from Music to English: Creative Writing.  However because I did not take any lit classes yet, I am now taking 3 lit classes and creative writing all in one semester! eek!  But so far it's been pretty good. I finished all my reading for my Monday class and am 30 something pages into the reading for my Tuesday class (unfortunately there are two lol).  

So during this week I've been doing my best to "understand/comprehend" what I've been reading, cook, attend classes, maintain a social life (by going to the Week of Welcome events), and get a good amount of sleep. So far I've been keeping up.  and it's awesome!!! Though I know that as the semester goes on I will eventually prolly be overcome by extraneous amounts of reading lol. 
So as school starts and life becomes hectic again, just remember it's all about prioritizing and time management.   So if you start tackling all those assignments as soon as possible you can spend the rest of your time having fun and meeting new friends.   God Bless You All on Your First Week of School and Enjoy It!!!

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