Monday, November 21, 2011

Can We Just Celebrate One Holiday At A Time?

I still don't understand why stores are so convinced to start celebrating Christmas so soon.  I LOVE Christmas. But seriously, it's still mid-November.  We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, and I need my Thanksgiving break, I'm not ready for finals yet. lol   I think we need to just take some time to slow down and enjoy life day by day rather than rushing through it.  I've spent so many years rushing through life rather and I've finally decided to slow down.  I wanna just enjoy the slightly cooler weather, the yummy foods, and time with my friends.    

So much has been going on lately.  There was that huge "Breaking Dawn" premiere.  Thanksgiving Break is coming up.  And Starbucks and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts were having super awesome sales! 

Our school just had it's Preview Day last Friday for prosepective students. I got the amazing opportunity to host a high-schooler (which I actually knew from camp).  She, like me, is also a songwriter.  Watching her play piano and sing, definitely inspired me to practice more piano.  Thus I'm  trying to learn how to play "River Flows In You" by Yiruma.   Little did I realize that the song is also "Bella's Lullaby" My roommate says that this therefore makes me a Twilight fan. lol   I've actually never read the series, I'm pretty sure I will over break just cause I'm super curious of how the books are, plus I really wanna read a good novel/series. 

Over the weekend, Starbucks was having a "buy one get on free" on all their Holiday drinks, and yesterday Krispy Kreme Doughnuts was giving away free doughnuts if you could guess the year the first Krispy Kreme was opened.   Well, as starving college students we couldn't pass up the wonderful opportunity.  There's probably no better way to pass the time and do homework than over a nice hot cup of coffee with fresh doughnuts and fabulous friends.  I got so much done!  My goal for this Thanksgiving is not to have a stress-free break but a guilt-free one, gotta make sure I have no late assignments being forgotten. lol

Well we only have a few more days till Thanksgiving.  I get to go home tomorrow!! :)  So make sure to think of everything your thankful for, and I'll hopefully post more later.

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  1. i like the part of slowing down and enjoying life, family and friends. Give thanks for everything...
    God bless you!