Saturday, April 2, 2011

What I Love About College

College has been amazing these past few weeks.  I've been dedicating time to taking bike rides, read books, and just relax.  Though I still have tons of homework left this has definately helped.  Above you can see a some of my pics from college.  There's a picture of a butterfly my aunt drew me with I keep on my armoire, my really comfy socks for lounging around in, my little corner of the room (if you're wondering what's on my comp, it's a picture from "the titanic"), my awesome little camera (I love taking pics), a package I got (it was T-shirt I got for participating in the international justice day), and last of all a fake candle (we can't have real ones since they're a fire hazard.)

Just remember, don't let homework and life just bog you down.  If you feel trapped on-campus and can't literally leave, you can just read a book, you'll still be on-campus, but it won't feel like it!  Plus if you don't have a car, bikes are a great option especially with the amazing wether we've been having.

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  1. That little corner looks inviting and books are wonderful. They help you to travel without leaving your favorite spot :)