Wednesday, October 12, 2011


On Saturday, my daddy took me on a date to the movies to watch "Courageous" an inspirational movie (from the creators of "Fireproof") about men learning to be real Men of God. It is most definitely a Must-Watch! I cried like every other scene.

Like all inspirational movies, I left super inspired.  Seeing a clear example of what being a Man of God makes me want to live my life like God asks me to.  The only thing is.... I'm not a guy.  Which makes me feel like as a girl all I can do is sit on the side-line till Mr. Right shows up and hopefully he will be a Real man.   As I was talking with my dad about this he brought up a really important point. It will probably still be several years from now before I find the right man mostly because I'm so young, if I want to find a real man and not settle I need to learn to be okay being single and being single for a few more years.  To do this I know I need to learn to find my acceptance in God and grow in Him.

So my big question lately has been, what does being a Woman of God look like?   I know they say Proverbs 31 describes what a wife should be, but after reading it several times I'm still not completely sure what it means.  There are definitely traits I see with no problem such as: hardworking, clothed with strength and dignity, blessed, and few others, but I still find this difficult to follow.

I'm taking a Women's literature class this year, which seems to kind of be a feminist class--though I don't mind, I think it's probably my favorite class this semester--where I'm learning so much of what being a woman is in our culture and why, and what the Bible says about womanhood.   Anyways, so many things such as being a people-pleaser, always being pretty, etc are mostly ways society objectifies women and are not always Biblical.  God doesn't ask us to be a door-mat or to ignore our own emotions, these are many times what we are taught in society.  So one of my goals is to truly dig in God's word and find out what being a Woman of God looks like.

The picture God gave me to draw the other day during Spiritual Formation Group when we using Art as a way to Hear from God. His lesson for me was patience.

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  1. Mi nena, estás en mis oraciones y sé que Dios te va a dar sabiduría y entendimiento porque se lo estás pidiendo. Te quiero mucho y estoy muy orgullosa de ser tu mamá. I know you are becoming a woman after God's heart <3