Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life is Full of Surprises

So this Valentines Day has been soooo different from my past experiences.  And it wasn't because I had a Valentine..... although I got two of my good guy-friends to take me to the movies.  ;)   After a not too long day at school I got back to the hotel where I'd been living for the past month ready to head on over to the lobby for an appetizer and then to my apartment for possibly some roommate-bonding time with my girls.   Instead my RA asked how'd I feel about switching rooming spots with her. Long story short:  Less than an hour later I was being moved into my new room with two girls I had just recently met.   I always wondered what would happen next school year. It never occurred to me that my perfect housing situation would change barely a month into the new semester. 

Well, being the spontaneous person I am, I've decided to make the best of this and take this opportunity as a way to make new friends!

 This year my friend Theresa and I decided to spice up our Valentines by wearing these cute little headbands we got at DollarTree a few weeks ago.  I'm pretty sure we'll probably do this for every single holiday here on out.  It was just so much fun!  If I don't have a date to go on, might as well make the most of it with my girlfriends.  :) 

Well I hope you all had an amazing Valentines/Single's Awareness Day!  Feliz Dia del Amor y de la Amistad!!!

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