Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Born For Broadway!


Our school had it's very first musical production ever, and I got to be in it!!
We performed "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"
I played the part of Lucy :)

It's days like these that make me wonder why I never pursued dance or theatre.  I LOVE the stage!  It just gives me that extra boost, that extra glow, sparkle, ENERGY!

There's definitely nothing like performing on a stage, but there's nothing like being a trail-blazer for others in the future.

Our brand-new drama club "Stage Warriors" hopes to have set the bar for new Fine Arts to be introduced to our school and hopefully one day a Drama Department!

Our cast of 7 students worked for months to pull together this amazing musical, and everything that could possibly go wrong, DID.  Our pianist quit two days before the performance, our Charlie Brown (who's severely allergic to poison oak) got it on his face the week of, and a few glitches with the sound booth left us singing "Happiness" accapella on our closing night.

Nonetheless, our cast blew the audience away! 

I don't think I could ever be more proud of a cast.  Every person was picked out perfectly for each role.  This experience brought everyone out of their bubbles and pulled out the best in each of us.  Through all the difficulties and long rehearsals, we all grew super close.  I can say by far that these guys are my best friends.

Happiness is getting to perform with such an amazing group!
  Thanks God for bringing us all together!


  1. Nicole! I remember how incredibly great you were in Night of Classics last spring! Musical theatre comes so naturally to you! Pursue Pursue Pursue! I'm so sad I couldn't come to Charlie Brown. The pictures are great!!


  2. As your Mom I am so proud of you my daughter. You guys did a terrific performance. I know many things were going on, but honestly you guys did such an amazing job that we, the audience, could not tell of any possible problems. God bless you guys and enjoy your life Nicole. I love you!!!!