Sunday, December 4, 2011

Music is the story your heart wants to sing, and pain the honesty that makes it beautiful...

Being a writer is probably one of the most emotionally painful jobs to have.   It's painful because to write out something with the honesty you have to many times go back and relive some of your hurts.  But I don't think I could have it any other way, it's one of my biggest passions in life. Probably one of my hardest songs to write was my song "Hard As Metal," which I wrote in June of this year.

I finally got the sound file from my guyfriend for it, which we recorded together on his laptop a few weeks ago.  I absolutely love it.  I've been songwriting for about three maybe four years now, but this probably one of my first songs I really like.   It's a painful song, but it's definitely beautiful. It talks about how we tend to close our hearts off after heartbreak, becoming hard as metal, and the only way to be able to love again is to learn to forgive.   One day, I hope to get it professionally recorded then I can show it to you guys. I might make a music video too. ;) 

I honestly had no idea for an album name when his iTunes was asking us for one, but my guyfriend came up with a pretty sweet name from part of my lyrics. "Crimson Words In Cursive"  I think it's sounds pretty good, so I might just keep it.   Well anyways I was taking some random pictures of this red rose I got from our choir concert last night, and I couldn't help but use one of the pictures for making a possible CD cover.  Any ideas, suggestions, or comments??  Let me know!

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  1. I listened to your song and it is beautiful, I like the combination of voices! You guys did a wonderful job.
    The picture is beautiful as well, perfect for that CD you will be recording <3