Thursday, April 26, 2012

HVZ Continued...

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! OMG! These games are getting INTENSE!  Our school is going Crazy! must admit I am too. Lol  But might as well have fun. Though getting homework done this week is very hard, I'm way to distracted.  Jumping at every noise worried it's a human or zombie hahaha.  And the weapons are getting even crazier, not just the usual nerf guns and socks anymore.  People got Nerf blow darts and sock maces.

Anyways continuing with my story, on Tuesday I was infected and became a zombie... thus Wednesday I spent my afternoon spreading the infection, I caught 4 people muahahahahaha! Pretty intense! I only needed 4 more to have the most kills ;) So much fun!!! You also get to meet a lot of other students you didn't know, cause it's almost impossible to survive if you're not in a pack or horde.  But then at the mission last night, the humans won and spread the "cure" to 20 zombies in which I was randomly selected!  Kind of killed my dream to be the ultimate Zombie or do Zombie make-up but I'd have a chance to be the last man standing and to be a Zombie Slayer. :)

Unfortunately those dreams were killed this morning when I was ambushed before my second class today.  I was able to stun two of the zombies with my sock maces but when I grabbed the class' door handle to jump inside to safety I got tagged from behind.  Guess I do get to do Zombie make-up.  It's so hard to decide which I prefer to be Human or Zombie....  My quote on FB pretty much summarizes everything:

"The hardest part of the Zombie Apocalypse is that one hour where you shrink in denial that you have become your enemy. You keep thinking over what you could've done differently, cause deep inside your heart longs to live... while your flesh thirsts for blood, but eventually your heart stops beating and you no longer feel just feed...."  

Thankfully indoors Zombies and Humans can still interact without fear of dying. lol  Even off-campus isn't safe. I hear the zombies infiltrated some of the local coffee shops. Haha
Zombie Slayer with my sock maces ;)

Hunting down humans and turning them to the "dark side"

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