Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse

At the beginning of the day #TeamHumans

So I have no clue if you're school has ever played Humans Vs. Zombies.  But things are going crazy at mine! I've never seen college students get so into a game.  I gotta admit though with the crazy bandanas, socks, and nerf guns everyone was carrying around, I had to join in.  And being as crazy as I am, I had to take advantage of the fact I had my bike on campus and try to sock a few zombies.  Unfortunately I ended up getting cornered and I couldn't just turn around... since the bike was going forwards..... thus Zombified.  Fail.  Guess, I'll just have to become the ultimate Zombie ;)  Why kill the fun?

Today I've been playing it cool, since you have to wait an hour after being tagged to get the full transformation from the infection, and then we were in class, where it is illegal to tag humans or shoot/sock zombies... Nonetheless, my choir teacher socked me in the face, just in case.  And my ride socked me after I promised I wouldn't tag him.... talk about lack of trust. lol

The game lasts till Friday, so maybe I'll go really crazy and dress like a Zombie sometime this week.  Until then, you better watch your backs, because we'll be showing NO MERCY!!

After I caught the infection  #Zombified

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  1. I love to see you are having fun !!!!