Friday, April 20, 2012

What the Sheep is Going On??

It's not everyday you get to take pictures with sheep, but it's definitely not everyday you find sheep munching on the grass around your school.  Apparently my roomie says they were eating the fields by our hotel over spring break lol.

It's just so bizarre to have them here, there's seriously nothing but rocks and these yellow fields, but I guess it's "greener" and easier to have the sheep mow the fields.

And this is why I called it Rock-land..... notice the lack of GRASS.

So I was just thinking of the old song, "Mary Had a Little Lamb" which I could totally see my English teachers looking way to deep into it and saying how it's symbolic and refers to the Virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus who was the lamb without blemish.... etc. and etc..... I guess that's what happens when you study English at a Christian School.  But anyways.  We did have lambs, and they really are stupid, and it makes sense why we're compared to sheep in the Bible.  We need our shepherd!

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