Monday, April 16, 2012

Amor Ministries: Cristo Me Ama

Aah... there's nothing like taking an extended-spring break to make you not feel being in school anymore. After not doing any homework for two weeks the last thing I want to do is sit through a class lecture.   So much happened over spring break... or should I say the week after.   I didn't know till I got home that my church was having a missions trip to Tecate, Mexico, and I just had to go!  1)  I love working with the kids in Mexico, 2) I'm one of the only fluent Spanish-speakers in my church, 3) I was only going to be missing three days of school and two of my classes were canceled anyways ;)

There's no better way to fully understand God's love than stepping out of your comfort zone and serving others.  Going on mission trips to Mexico have been by far one of the most fulfilling and favorite things to do.  This was my third missions trip to Mexico and every time God manages to show His amazing power in different ways. 

This year we had from 40-60 students at our Vacation Bible School, which lasted four days.  Through sunshine and rain we were able to share God's story with them.

Helping the younger students who couldn't read memorize their Bible verses by using hand motions
Making lunches for the Mexican children
Every year we deal with different hardships.   When we went two years ago we fought a fire, had an earthquake, a missing 2-year-old at our VBS, and crazy winds that broke the rods of all our tents.  This year however we dealt with rain, leaky tents, really cold weather.

Going to another country and especially the parts that in poverty really display to us how blessed we truly are.   For an entire week, we got to shower using solar showers and buckets.  We slept in tents.  We used outhouses (aka port-a-potties).  And they live in conditions like this or worse, everyday.  And yet, when I see these people they do not express anger or jealously but real joy and gratefulness for our willingness to come serve them.

Washing our feet at the "showers"
The house our construction crew built. 
I use to get really frustrated when some of the students would steal extra lunches, till it dawned on me that they were trying to because they didn't have food at home.  Many of these kids have heard of Jesus and God but didn't know it's even possible to get to heaven that Jesus died for them.

EASTER CELEBRATES THE FACT THAT: Jesus died for our sins and conquered death by raising from the dead, and because of that we can go to heaven one day.

That's why I think it was amazing to spend my Easter sharing that with my VBS kids, I definitely miss them and I don't know if I'll ever see them again, but at least I know that I can see them in heaven one day because now they know that God Loves Them.


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