Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey There Girlfriend!

Yesterday was absolutely amazing.  I got to reunite with my bestie from the dorms.  We only live like half hour drive away from each other, however without either of us having cars, we barely get to hang out.  You never realize how much you miss someone until you see them after a long time.  We seriously talked the entire time. Ultimate girl talk!  Except for the few times she explained how things were going with her boyfriend we didn't talk about guys... just girl talk: nails, clothes, bras, shoes, jewelry, Hunger Games, make-up, soaps, perfume, everything and anything girly that you'd find in a mall.

This girl here despite the fact we rarely see each other is definitely still one of my best friends and hopefully will be for years to come.  She's the one who got me into the Hunger Games (in spring 2011), into blogging, into magazines.... She brought out my girly side.  My sister from another mister.... and mom lol

There are so many special women in my life right now... I doubt I could mention everyone without forgetting someone.  But it's made me realize how vital girlfriends are in our lives.  They just understand us in ways a guy never can and never will be able to.  Whether it comes to our strange obsessions with looking cute or why we get so crabby once a month or how going to the mall is actually healthy for us girls  :)

Plus I don't know if you've ever gotten fitted for your bra size...  interesting stuff.  It's definitely incredible what you find out.  Most of us actually wear the wrong size and wonder why we never get the support we need. 

Well anyways, after six hours of exploring the mall with my girlfriend I realized, that in this past year I've definitely developed a better fashion sense, and one that's more age-appropriate. No more dressing like an elementary student. And it makes me really wanna write fashion posts again.  So what if I'm not an expert? I enjoy it, and I hope you do too! :)  Practice makes perfect, anyways.... right?  And if you're ever bored.... feel free to check out my new tumblr:

I wish this were my closet..... one of those things guys will never get

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  1. I am glad God has brought girlfriends into your life. Women understand women. It is healthy to have women in your life.
    Thanks God for girlfriends!!!!!