Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 21 - Break is Almost Over

So I've been trying to establish some of my goals and habits for this year and organize my room, spend time with my family, finish reading a few books, and before you know, break is pretty close to over.  In just another week pretty much, I'll be back to living on campus.    So any things I wanted to get done at home, have to get done pretty soon.  This is slightly disappointing. With all the holidays and visiting family and vacation, I've hardly gotten to get anything done at home.  But at least I've been improving my style skills!  not really... but I've been trying.    Yeah, today I went a little more casual with some jeans and a polo shirt. Yep, simple.  I'm starting to think I should've chosen a shorter time period, bleh.  oh well.

Outfit #21:

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