Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Stop Procrastinating!

1.  Buy a planner.  Whether you use a daily, weekly, or monthly planner, this will be one of your biggest assets to stop procrasting.   In it, you could write all your appointments, classroom numbers, HW assignments... pretty much anything!  You could also color-code them by using different pens or highlighting important things.

2.  Keep your binders and notebooks organized.   It's amazing how by just having dividers in your binders and separate notebooks for classes can help sooo much!  Though sometimes it's easier to only carry one notebook for all your classes than twenty, doing so will help you when you need to refer back to notes for a particular class.  If you like to take notes on your computer Microsoft Office's OneNote is a Notebook on your computer.  Practically saved my life last semester.  Get it!  

3.  Visit the library.  At the beginning of the semester, most students will not have all their textbooks, cause they were ordered online... Well visit the library then.  You can usually find the textbook on reserve and the library is a nice quiet place to study.  If you're having difficulty staying awake, just walk down the book aisles. 

4.  Read Your Syllabus.  Though many times long and boring, this important document usually has all your assignments written out.  Some professors don't mention that you have homework.  So check your syllabus before you have a surprise hw assignment or test pop up on the day of class.

5.  Carry Highlighters and Colored Pens.  These little tools will help whether writing in your planner/calendar or just taking notes.  They will help important parts stand out and can help you identify what you are refering to. 

6.  Invest in a Hole-Punch.  You won't believe how many time a teacher will pass out papers--not hole punched.  If you don't have a hole-punch back in your room.  You'll forget to put holes in it and you will most likely eventually lose the paper, many of which can be important.   So invest in one you can keep in your dorm room or binder.  That way you organize your new papers right into your binder.

Though these may seem like obvious give-aways or like a waste of time and resources or just a simple distraction, implementing these tips into your lifestyle this new semester will help keep you more focused and hopefully on track. 

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