Thursday, January 13, 2011

My DIY Projects

During my time at home I started a few projects, some of which I have not completed. [redecorating my room]  but there were a few that I did.

Distressing My Old Jewelry Box

So I haven't finished this one completely yet... I still need to paint the knobs so I can put it back together.  But I took this very kiddy looking jewelry box and sanded the designs off and a bit more, to get a slightly distressed look.  I plan to paint the knobs black and put the jewelry box together again, but I think it looks nice so far.

Making a Cute Shirt and Scarf Out of a Dress

So I took this old dress I've had for years, but never had worn and switched it up!  I cut the bottom section off to turn into a baby doll top, and used the left over scraps to make a really cool scarf.  :)
With the help of a sowing machine, some sissors, and time.  This was a quite simple project. 

Super Awesome Cape? I say, YES!

I made this cape!  It's kind of like shawl....

So I took a really long dress I had and cut off the bottom to make it into a summer dress.  Adorable!  But I had all these left over scraps.... another scarf??? Nah!  I decided to be brave and try making a winter cape. 

So now I have a dress and a cape to go with it!   There are a few minor adjustments that can still be made... such as a bit more hemming and stuff.  But with the nice lacey bottom it gave it a complete.  Since I didn't start off with a circle like most material asks for, I used some ribbon as a draw string to make the collar.   Whoot, whoot! And I'm a beginner, you can do it too!

BEFORE - the left over material

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