Friday, January 14, 2011

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Room Organized

For most of us one of the hardest and most time consuming tasks is keeping our room organized.  However there are a few tips I would recommend to help you with this.

1.  Use Prescription Bottles for Storage.  I know we all have somewhere hidden in our room some sort of empty prescription bottle.  I collect mine and use them to store safety pins, quarters for laundry, bobby pins, and other small little items.

2.  Label Your Closet Drawers.   For me, I've found this to be one of the most useful tips ever.  Before this I always had my clothes being moved around put in wrong drawers and such, especially when I was at home, and  someone else was trying to put my clothes away.  But now whenever I need to find something I know exactly where it is!   The best way to organize like this is probably by type (eg. t-shirt, jeans, shorts, tank-top)

3. Have a Set of Hooks For Hanging Items.  For all my purses, backpacks, and my umbrella, I have a pair of hooks on the side of bookcase.  This creates a convenient location where I can hang all my bags, whether full or empty.

4.  Fold Your Bed.   This may seem like a no-brainer.  But for some people [including me] this could be our downfall.  Though this chore doesn't take long to complete, day after day it can become quite repetitive and we might not do it.  However no matter how organized a room is, it will not look like that, unless the bed is folded.
5.  Get Rid of Clutter!  I love to keep random things such as paper bags, boxes, and other random goodies that may eventually be of some use.  However this is probably one of the biggest problems ever.    Before you know it, your entire room will be full of great resources with nowhere to put them away.  

6. Do Not Use Paper Bags for Storage.  Though paper and plastic bags may work great for carrying stuff.  These items should never remain in them.  They quickly get worn out and look trashy just lying around in a room.  I would suggest to use a box or better yet a storage container for these items.   But be careful not to have a whole bunch of boxes.

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