Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 1 - What to Wear on Rainy Days

So, unfortunately my goal isn't starting off so easy.  I got to wake up this morning to the sound of rain.  Yes rain.  This will mean, I can't wear heels or shoes that will get ruined in the rain.  Second, if I was planning on using a short sleeve shirt with a small cardigan, think again.  Plus most of my clothes are already packed, leaving me with fewer options.   What to do?? 

For me I have come to the conclusion that on rainy days I will:
- Not wear bell bottoms or jeans that drag on the ground (cause the water will soak up the pant leg and make you even colder)
- Wear a fashionable jacket or sweater
- Add a scarf to add color and warmth to your outfit
- Wear water-proof shoes or rain boots
- Pants/leggings/tights/nylons

So I decided to look online to see what styles can easily be pulled off on rainy days.

 I pulled these pictures off of

In everyone of the outfits they added a cute umbrella.  Ones easily affordable at Target.  Apart from that they also had cute coats, boots, and either pants, leggings, or tights.

In this one, they took a cute summer dress and added black footless tights to it, with a nice warm jacket to keep the cute fashionable look going without losing the warmth to it.  Don't forget outfits like these could also be dressed up just a bit more by adding a hat, jewelry or even a handbag.

Not the best ever, but here's OUTFIT #1:

Not a super elegant outfit, but definately affordable. Jacket - $25.00 (TeenChallenge),  Purple blouse with lace at the bottom - $.50 (Clothing Exchange),  Shoes - Free!! (Hand-me-downs), Boot cut jeans - $5.99 (GOODWILL)

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