Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 3 - Going on vacation, when it's cold...

Well, yesterday my mom and I went shopping at the thrift store for some jeans and then to the mall for boots, since my old ones got ruined in the rain.  :(   So picking an outfit today was much easier, however since we left for a family vacation this morning, I had to choose clothes for an entire week.  So I decided to wear leggings again, but rather than a nice oversized T-shirt I went with a pretty sweater, since it was supposed to be colder.  This style is just as easy to work with too, sometimes even easier.

Outfit #4:

                                                                                   Creating one of these outfits is quite simple.  You can easily find sweaters at any thrift store, or even maybe find some in your mom's old closet.  (that's what I did).  Since this one has buttons for only part of the way I decided to wear a small dark camisole underneath.  Then I just added some leggings and boots, of course make sure that the sweater is an appropriate length or else I'd recommend some jeans underneath instead. 

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