Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Month Long Fashion Challenge!

Tomorrow's my last day at school before going back home.  So I'm packing up all my stuff and trying to enjoy my time here as best as possible.  Today one of my wingmates and I biked to the Goodwill nearby.  Amazing place to go shopping, cause you can find really good quality items for affordable prices!

While I was there, I found a really pretty sweater, which I absolutely adored.  At first it may look like an old grandma's sweater, but if you know how to wear it correctly; it can look classy and youthful.  Just to let you know I'm a big advocate of good bargains and thrift-store shopping.  GOODWILL - $4.99

So the saying goes if you do something for a month, it will become a habit, right?   Well, I've always been slightly jealous of girls who can pull off really cute dresses, skirts, and other outfits without looking overly-formal.  Therefore I've decided that starting tomorrow I'm going to either wear a skirt, a dress, or very feminine blouse until it becomes a habit.  If I do it long enough it will become more natural and it will look more casual!   Plus it will help me learn "how" to wear those articles of clothing that I may not have really liked.  Remember you can pull off anything, you just need to learn how, and then wear it like you own it, and you will  :)

So for 1 ENTIRE month,  I want to wear something Magnificent Every Day.  Keep posted to see how I learn to do so.

God Bless You All.

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