Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 2 - It's too cold for shorts... but I don't have any jeans

Wow. I'm not sure if I really will be able to pull off this month long fashion challenge.  It is difficult.   Especially, when you cannot seem to find any pants that fit well, but it's too cold to wear shorts.   That's why I decided to go with a different style.   Like I mentioned in my previous post, leggings are another great style for the winter.

To pull off this style, all you need are some leggings, cute boots or flats, and a long shirt or an oversized T-shirt.   It creates a semi-casual look, that is still girly.  To dress it up a bit you can also add a nice jacket and some accesories: belt, scarf, jewelry, handbag, jacket...

Outfit #2:

Shirt and Boots - Free (Hand-me-down),  Leggings - $6.48 (Target),  Denim Jacket - Free (Hand-me-down)

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  1. You could always cute the neckline and sew it so it doesn't fray :)