Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dream Room

So while living in the dorms, I've gained a lot of experience in rearranging furniture, decorating, and organizing....  This has really inspired me to redecorate my room back at home!  I know that I'll be moving back into the dorms in late January, but I'd like to have a super nice room when I go back home on vacations.  Now visiting Solvang yesterday really inspired me to how I want to decorate it.  Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted a really pretty white vintage-style dresser with a really big mirror on top, but I never got one.... and seeing all the amazingly beautiful vintage furniture and pretty decors, really made me want to create this look in my room. So I was thinking in maybe investing some time and money into making my room look sorta like this!  

Now buying furniture and decorations in Solvang would've been quite pricy, but it reminded me of when my wingmate Kayla and I went to the thrift store last Thursday and saw lot's of beautiful jewelry boxes and stuff for less than $10 each!  Plus I have somethings back home I could distress and paint to give a beautiful vintage look!  I'm soooo excited, I can't wait to get home to start.  But I don't think we'll be back until after Christmas, so I've just got a lot of time to get even more excited, brainstorm, and wait..... Any suggestions on how to complete this are welcome! 

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  1. A can of spray paint goes a long way! Go on craigslist and look under the "free" category. Find things with good SHAPE...like a dresser, headboard...even if it is missing hardware. Hardware is CHEAP--for a dresser you can even find a set of handles at the goodwill for under a few bucks if you want. But a can of spray paint would help you achieve this look. The expensive (potentially) part would be the fabric. I suggest going to ROSS...I just bought curtains there on clearance (looks identical the the one in the picture over the window) for $2.00. YUP! Curtain rods can be as cheap as $12.00 at Ross or Homegoods or TJ max too! :) Ok, next, the shag rug. I have a really cool idea for this,---taken from Design star! :):):) Buy 3 bath rugs, and hand SEW them together!!!!!!!!! Its seamless & SUPER cheap!!!! For a rug, even a 5X7 foot rug, they can be more than 50-75 dollars. NOT WORTH IT! :) I see a bench...I'd look at good will for a rocking chair or a piano stool, a old chair, something with character, then you can...SPRAY PAINT it WHITE! :)....and you just unscrew the cushion then wrap new fabric over the old fabric, and staple it on the back of the board. Screw the cushion back on the seat and it is a bran new chair! :) This would be an easy room! you can do it! :) have fun!