Saturday, March 19, 2011

Model of the Day - Karina

This is Karina, she is a great person.  She's so genuine and kind.
I really liked her outfit today.  It was very elegant, yet simple.

Her outfit today definately complimented her.  I loved the way her slacks shaped her.

Plus her heels were super pretty.  Since they were white they also gave a nice contrast to the rest of her outfit.

Today, Karina wore this beautiful blue blouse with a built-in belt; and instead of a necklace, she wore this beautifully sparkly scarf.

Her pink handbag was so cute. It contrasted nicely with the blue too.

One of my favorite things about her blouse were the sleeves.  They small detail definately created the look.

Lastly, since it was a rainy day, you cannot forget your umbrella.  This one was polka-dotted!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful young woman and great pictures! Bravo to the model and the photographer, both did and excellent job : )