Friday, March 18, 2011

New Blog!

Hey Everyone!

So I couldn't help it, I had to.  I created a NEW blog specifically for fashion related posts.  Why?  Well, I thought it would be slightly difficult to attain a large amount of followers on a blog if they're looking for fashion and not just a lot of random stuff. lol  Which I do a lot of.  Thus I have created a new one linked to this one, that will have purely fashion stuff!!!  For now, I couldn't think of a name for my new blog so I just called it Perfectly Me!  Since it's kind about my style but I didn't want to label myself as a fashionista or give it a name with the words style or fashion in it.  Just a little too common for my taste.  (You guys could suggest a few ideas, as I may change the name...) 

So you can either access it by going to or by clicking that little pic to the right -->  that says "Perfectly Me"

I'm so excited about it cause I've decided to use only photography taken by me.  And a really good friend of mine drew up some really cool pictures I'm going to use as buttons on the side!  She's an amazingly talented artist, it's gonna be really nice. 

God Bless Ya!

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