Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Own Style

Blouse, Cardigan [Ross], Scarf [Dollar Tree], Shorts, Nylons, Socks, Boots

So I got this outfit idea from one of the pictures in my "inspiration notebook."  It was really cute!

My favorite thing about this cardigan, besisdes that it's zebra print is that it has pockets.  Helps so much for carrying around little things such as my key card.

These boots are so comfortable.  They're actually hiking boots I found in the mall. I wore them with long thick black socks and black nylons to make them look more feminine.

I love this scarf, and it only cost me $1 at the Dollar Tree. Whoot, whoot!  I think the lacey shirt also works well to make it even girlier.

And in the morning when it was a little too cold to wear just the cardigan I had this black jacket, I got at Ross for like $20.  It keeps me really warm.


  1. Well señorita usted luce muy hermosa, cuídese por favor. Dios la bendiga