Friday, March 18, 2011

Model of the Day - Rose

This is Rose!  My super awesome artist friend that is helping me with creating my buttons.
She is so daring when it comes to fashion.  She is the next Chanel.

This is her pirate outfit.  Characterized by belts, her converse, scarf, dress, and pirate shirt.
There are so many cool elements to her fashion.

Lately, one student on our campus has been helping girls get feather extensions. 
They are a very unique accessory and last for months.

Rose likes to add a small pen-drawn heart near her eye.  It's pretty cute and draws the attention to her gorgeous eyes.  The flowers are also beautiful and look amazing with her hair

This pink scarf is so bright and eye-catching adds a lot of color to this outfit.

Rose likes to call this design on her nails skunks.

For jewelry she simply wore her purity ring.

Her wide array of belts and her scarf added her own personal twist to a simple style.

These converse are so awesome.  They remind of anime cartoons with the super spunky boots and the over the knee socks.  :)  Love em!


  1. that is so out there !

  2. Beautiful model! I love the purity ring and those feather extensions. Great choice!

  3. Rose is so great!! I love her flair!! where did she find that great feather hair clip? I am looking for one of those!!